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Custom printed lanyard shopping made easy!

There are so many different styles of lanyards you can choose from! Ranging from traditional lanyards, clips, and buckles, flat or tube lanyards, and even color! And if you still can't find what you want, call or email us, and we can help! The best part is they are very inexpensive!

Don't know exactly what you want? Below are our top three lanyard styles based on popularity, the most budget friendly, and our prized premium lanyard. We can help too! Call us at 801.988.9993

Most Popular Lanyards
$0.49 - $1.64 ea.
Most Popular Lanyards
  • Polypropylene Flat Lanyard
  • 3/4" Width, 35" Length
  • Bulldog Clip attachment
  • Our most popular lanyard style

Economical Lanyards
$0.54 - $1.07 ea.
Budget Friendly Lanyards
  • Polyester Tube Lanyard
  • 1/2" Width, 32" Length
  • Swivel Hook attachment
  • Our most economical lanyard
Premium Lanyards
$0.49 - $1.64 ea.
Premium Lanyards
  • Polypropylene Flat Lanyard
  • 3/4" Width, 35" Length
  • Swivel Clasp attachment
  • Includes Buckle & Breakaway

Our Personal Touch

When an individual is shopping for personalized lanyards it doesn't surprise us that everyone has different needs and different factors go into selecting the perfect lanyard. At lanyards provider we don't paint you into a box, we offer a variety of ways to search for your personal lanyard.

We recognize everyone wants the best deal, and that means different things to different people. One may have budget restraints, some people need their lanyard tomorrow; others have months before they need them. Others only care to get the perfect color of lanyard, or maybe they need something special attached to the end.

With all of the different sizes, shapes, attachments, colors, materials, and needs, the combinations are endless! We don't list every exact lanyard we make on our website, so if your needs are precise and you can't quickly find what you need give us a call at 801.988.9993 and one of our sales representatives will get you exactly what you need.

Whatever your situation we are here to take care of you. We value our clients because without them we wouldn't exist! We will always be as open and transparent about our operation as possible. We need you to trust to make lanyards that complement the brand you've worked so hard to build!

Still can't find the exact lanyard you are looking for?

Don't worry, we can still produce your persoanlized lanyard for you, we only list our stock lanyards online. Give us a call at 801.988.9993 or shoot us a quick email at

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