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Check out our top selling wholesale lanyards!

Below you will find our top three selling lanyards in each style category (rope cord lanyards, tube lanyards, and flat lanyards). We have offer these styles in many differnt flavors, these are just the most popular! For assistance call us at 801-491-0947

Rope Cord Lanyards
$0.18 - $0.54 ea.
Rope Cord Lanyards
  • Polyester Cord Lanyard
  • 1/4" Width, 35" Length
  • Swivel Hook Attachment

Tube Lanyards
$0.16 - $0.32 ea.
Tube Lanyards
  • Polyester Tube Lanyard
  • 1/2" Width, 32" Length
  • Bulldog Clip Attachment
Flat Lanyards
$0.20 - $0.68 ea.
Flat Lanyards
  • Polypropylene Flat Lanyard
  • 1/2" Width, 35" Length
  • Bulldog Clip Attachment

Wholesale vs Custom

Wholesale Lanyard Custom Printed Lanyard

When selecting a lanyard it is important for the organization to look at the event that is being held and the message that they want to send.

Given the opportunity to put your company name or image on a lanyard, we recommend doing it as frequently as possilbe. You don't know what effect seeing your logo on a lanyard will do to someone. They may take the exact action you want and become a valued customer, or they may just subconsiously see and store your brands image, prepping them for the next time they see it. It may help them understand and appreciate your organization and all of the effort that went into organizing the event.

Ask your self:

  • Who will be receiving these lanyards?
  • What will they do with the lanyards?
  • Would it be appropriate to brand the lanyard and put our logo on it?
Are you ready to go custom?
    Upgrade to custom lanyards today for just 75ยข!
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